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Recovery to Practice Bridging People, Knowledge, Tools, and Experience


Suggest a Resource for the RTP Library

One of the main goals of the SAMHSA Recovery to Practice (RTP) project is to collect and organize a substantial set of resources in one place to help promote and enhance recovery based-practice. A wide variety of materials have been and are being developed, including articles, research, clinical tools, personal stories, outcome tools, exemplary practice and program descriptions, books, teaching materials and curricula, videos, and Web sites. We need your help to build and sustain this collection.

Users are encouraged to suggest new content for possible inclusion within the RTP database.

Technical Requirements

  • Documents must be provided in an easily viewed format (Microsoft Word, plain text, PowerPoint, PDF)
  • Because any document posted on this Web site must be accessible to individuals with disabilities (508 compliant), it may be necessary to modify or reject submitted content that does not comply. For more information about 508 compliance, go to
  • If the contributed file is larger than 3MB, please contact us.

Please enter the code displayed to start the contribution process.